Ningxia Hengtai Carbons Co.,Ltd

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Carbon Additive
Petroleum Coke
Silicon Carbide
Electrode Paste
Carbon Brick
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Mon to Fri :9:00-17:30
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Alina Liu(Mobile):86-18295502503
Alice Sun(Mobile):86-15009515015
About Us

Ningxia Hengtai Carbons Co., Ltd is an integrated joined -stock enterprise who is professional specializing in the production and exporting Business.We were established in 2004 with RMB 50 million  ,located at Chonggang Industrial Zone ,Pingluo County,Shizuishan,Ningxia Autonomous Region.We have 800Mu Carbon production base ,supply all the metallurgical and chemical materials to our domestic and overseas clients ,including all kings of Carbon Raisers Calcined Anthracite Coal Electrically Calcined Anthracite CoalGraphitized Petroleum Coke Calcined Petroleum Coke Silicon Carbide Met Coke Foundry Coke Electrode Paste 、Carbon Bricketc.

We ,Ningxia Hengtai International Trade Co., Ltd are affiliated with the International Department of the mother company Ningxia Hengtai Carbons Co.,Ltd .Over the years ,we have partners all over the world ,including Korea ,Japan,United States ,India ,Brazil and Thailand  Countries and Regions,etc.

In 2015, with the rapidly developing of our company, we set up a website named China-Arab Bridge in order to provide service for local enterprises which are devoting in international trade.

We company adhere to the principles of credibility and the pragmatic, and insist on supplying excellent products and service in order to extend our market. We are expecting promising future on the basis of innovative and co-wining.

We sincerely hope to set up warm cooperation relationship with you!

Our Catalogue
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